Law Office and Photography Services on Gabriola Island

Just how many pictures is/was it?

I took several photographs that day (I have no idea how many, but I’m quite sure I took more than one or two). In fact, I took at least three, being these three:

00332_s_r15an84w2780256-Edit 00339_s_r15an84w278026300338_s_r15an84w2780262-Edit

I did not have a broad array of lenses, and looking at those three pictures, I’d guess that I was shooting with a 50mm or longer lens. The result was that I couldn’t get the entire scene into one photograph. It’s also possible that my shyness at the time resulted in a few quick pictures that might not have even been carefully aimed. I was, literally, shooting “from the hip”. Those three photographs were eventually stitched into a single picture. That resulting single picture had the back wall filled-in, thanks to Lightroom’s intelligent panorama stitching software.